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Deposit Taking

Deposit Taking

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Deposit Taking

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Our attractive deposit taking interest rates are linked with the amount invested. In other words, the more you save, the more you earn.

Additionally, the period of your deposits and the frequency of interest payments can be tailored to suit your needs.


Opening a Deposit Account
Opening your account is easy. You can start with only Rs 10,000. You can either call in person at SICOM Financial Services Ltd or simply call us on 203 8420 for an appointment with one of our officers.

Paying money in
A deposit can be made either in cash(not exceeding Rs 500,000), or by an office cheque drawn in favour of SICOM Financial Services Ltd.


We offer a full range of fixed deposit rates based on the deposit amount for specific periods to suit your requirement.


We accept deposits from both Individuals and Corporate.

Individuals can open single and joint accounts. Accounts can also be opened on behalf of a minor. Individuals living abroad can also place their money on deposit through their local representative
Required documents 


  • Certified copy of either of the following: national identity card, current valid passport or current driving license
  • Certified copy or original of either of the following: recent utility bill, recent bank/credit card statement or a recent bank reference
  • In case of joint application, (1) and (2) listed above are required for both applicants
  • A certified copy of birth certificate is required for minors
  • Evidence of Source of Fund


  • National Identity Card/ Current valid passports/ Current valid driving licenses/ Other identity card
  • Original or appropriately certified Certificate of Incorporation or Registration
  • Certificate of current standing from the Registrar

If employees are authorised to open and operate accounts on behalf of the company.

  • Clear copy of ID of employees having the above authority
  • A certified copy of the resolution of the Board of Directors or managing body granting the necessary power of attorney to employees to open and operate accounts on their behalf
  • Last audited financial accounts and reports
  • Company Secretary's letter listing the Directors and Shareholders' names and addresses
  • Full identity of and proof of address of directors/authorized signatories 
Full identity of and proof of address of beneficial owners and shareholders                                                    
For more details 

Call us on 203 8420 or email us at  and we shall guide you through the application process

Click here for the full list of rates

Click on the link to access the  Fixed Deposit Calculator

Download Application Forms

*Note: The Company reserves the right, not to accept any deposit without assigning any reason thereto

*Terms & Conditions Apply

SICOM Financial Services Ltd (BRN:C07023531) is licensed by the Bank of Mauritius and the Financial Services Commission.



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